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Stephen Hawking Wouldn’t Talk to an ET, Would You?
January 31st, 2011

AOL’s Barry Weintraub speaks with Dave Brody of Space.com and AOL’s resident ufologist Lee Speigel, to get their perspective on the search for intelligent life in the universe.

World Business Leaders Told UFOs are Real & ETs Exist
January 27th, 2011

World business leaders attending the annual Global Competitiveness Forum were discussed on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. All of its panel speakers endorsed the view that extraterrestrial life is real.

Crop Circle Found in Indonesia Rice Field
January 27th, 2011

Indonesian rice farmers in Slemen, Yogyakarta, got quite a surprise Sunday morning when they discovered that overnight a large crop circle had mysteriously formed in one of their fields.

New Secret UFO Wikileaks Cable Revealed
January 23rd, 2011

In the leaked document, all embassy staff were told to “never discuss under any circumstance, the concerns DOD has with UFOs entering orbit.”

Hamilton Stargazer Reveals UFO Sighting
January 23rd, 2011

Spooky lights in a night sky have left one Hamilton resident asking if there is something extra-terrestrial out there.

Can Sun’s Gravity Help Us Call ET?
January 10th, 2011

It might be possible to use the sun as a long-distance telephone to reach out and talk to aliens, some scientists believe.

New Zealand’s UFO Files
January 10th, 2011

Hundreds of previously classified reports detailing claims of UFO sightings and alien encounters have been released by the New Zealand military. Here are some examples.

Can ET And Christmas Co-Exist?
January 10th, 2011

What happens to Christmas when there are not one, but two, three or 40,000 civilizations across the universe? Can the baby Jesus and ET share the holiday?

Arabs and Israelis United by UFOs
January 9th, 2011

While presidents and military leaders have never successfully bridged or solved the political and cultural problems of the Middle East, can UFOs and zombies bring Israelis and Palestinians together?

Moon Has a Liquid Core?
January 8th, 2011

New research suggests that the moon may have a core similar to Earth’s.

UFO Hopefuls Descend on French Village
January 5th, 2011

People hoping to hitch a ride off Earth on a UFO are congregating in a French Village ahead of 2012 in the hopes of securing a seat on an alien space ship.

Whistleblower Exposes Attempted ET Manipulation
January 4th, 2011

Former Project Seagate whistleblower and Project Camelot witness Aaron McCollum has exposed an attempt into making him a manipulator between purported extraterrestrials that would ‘decloak’ over the Festival and child participants in the Festival.

Disclosure, 2012, and Messianic Expectation
January 4th, 2011

Whether it is religious Rapture, or the fulfilment of the Mayan 2012 prophecy, or the Messianic Second Coming, Joseph Farrell asks why anyone would be engaged in making such repeated – and violated – expectations.

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