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Subj: Schatte Has UFO Debris?
Section: Mutual UFO Network
To: All
Sun, Apr 21, 96 9:21:12 PM
From: Terry/MUFON/SL, 76016,2701 #288667

The stuff is just falling from the sky.

I just pulled this from MUFONet ( BAMA public echo) which implies that there is even more UFO debris around:


Message #1665 "BAMA"
Date 18-Apr-96 22:30
From: Rebecca Schatte
To: Glenn Joyner
Subj: Anomalous Metal Lump
Previous Reply is Message #1661

-=>Quoting Glenn Joyner to Rebecca Schatte <=-

GJ>An interesting aside... While in Eureka Springs this past week, Rebecca Schatte, Bill Ralls, and I met a guy that claimed to have seen a UFO come down. When it quickly took off moments later, something fell either off or out of it. He has this thing that allegedly fell from the UFO, and showed it to us. Just a VERY bizarre piece of light metal, with scaling effects running down it's length. We all joked that it was alien waste flush (much like an airliner would dump it's restroom deposits), but who knows? I'm afraid I was busy talking to someone else when he was showing it, but Rebecca may remember if he has had any analyzation done on it.

RS> He kept talking about analyzation and that it could not be identified. Well, we'll see about that. I did manage to get some pieces of that chunk and when the dust settles I will see about getting someone to look at them. I had almost forgotten I had them - Thanks for reminding me Glenn. Now, I gotta go look for them ( hope the MIB's did not get them! <g>)

GJ> Oh, you did end up getting some of it?? Outstanding!! With your connections, you should be able to find someone that can do a good lab analysis. I'd be very interested in hearing what comes of that.

When and if I find anything out, I will post the information. The MIB's have not gotten their little swarthy fingers on the pieces yet and pieces certainly have not vaporized so things are going OK so far.

RS>All kidding aside it was an unusual object and hopefully the photos will turn out and we can get them scanned and posted.

GJ>I've honestly never seen anything like it. Of course, that doesn't mean much. 8-) You mentioning photos above made me remember that I had a fully loaded camera with me while I was up there, but I didn't get a single picture! I just kept forgetting about it. Now I could kick myself, as it would have been good for a laugh to see Bob Shell and I sharing pizza with each other, right before the panel discussion. I think he disliked me a bit more after I asked my questions of him.

Awwwwww! I don't think Bob disliked any of us. I think we were all concerned with keeping an eye on one another, if you know what I mean. Bob was a good sport considering how this could have turned out. I am still disappointed that he did not get that piece of poisoned pizza. <just joking> The highlight of the trip for me was arriving at the panel discussion late, with Bob Shell in tow. No one appreciated the irony of the situation, I don't think. For me, that was funny. The possibilities of keeping him off the panel were numerous.

GJ> (wink) But strangely enough, he hung out with me at the Lone Star Bar afterwards, and we had a couple of beers together. Go figure.

Yeah, well I believe we are keeping each other in pretty close range. I think there was some concern over who would have the upper hand.

GJ>George Wingfield was quite a character, and I liked him instantly. 8-) We kind of doubleteamed on ol' Bob at the bar, I'm afraid.

George is indeed a character. His colorful stories and the phraseology he used when putting the film down was too funny.

GJ>Over all, the speaker line-up was a little weak, but the inbetween talks, the schmoozes in the evenings, and the great contacts we made there were really the highlight for me, and made the trip one of the most enjoyable that I've ever had.

I told you that ya'll would have fun. I have seen comments from other folks who were not impressed with the speaker lineup, so don't think you are not alone there. I hate that I missed Joe Lewels talk about the reptilians. I can't be sure since I did not hear the talk (I'm ordering the video) but the buzz was that his theory is that we all come from some sort of reptile intelligence. "Snakes, why did it have to be snakes."

And to think we almost missed Bob's talk. I think that was an evil plot to try to keep us out of the audience. Man, I had just gone to bed when he came on to talk. <grin> My entire Saturday was messed up because I was thrown off-track so early in the morning.

GJ>meeting people that I've talked to or messaged with before, like Lynne Bishop, Gary and Tom, Ed Stewart, Gayle Nesom, and others was great. And I was very taken with the folks from IVG as well, and I intend to follow up on that. Might even write up a piece on what they are doing, since it is much more credible than Hoagie, heh heh.

Hey, those guys impressed me. Their work on the shard was very interesting. I'm no expert but there stuff looked impressive. I will be interested to see what else you learn. And those guys really had a sense of humor. Very camp, I liked that.

GJ>You were right, Rebecca. I think I'm hooked, and Bill and I are planning to make that conference an annual event. |+D

Good. It gets better every year. There is a conference coming up in Springfield ( actually it is going to be in Branson ) on Sept. 7 and 8. Last year that was a great conference. Don't know if the Lone Star Bar will be there or not though.


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I, for one, am glad that Bob didn't get that poison pizza slice.

>>The highlight of the trip for me was arriving at the panel discussion late, with Bob Shell in tow.>>

Looks like Rebecca might be becoming a Shell admirer, too. Got your camera, Bob?

Terry <feeling guilty for such sensationalism>

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