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Jeff Rense - Sightings on the Radio July 22, 1998

On July 22, 1998, Michael Lindemann of the CNI News discussed Mike O'Brien's column with Jeff Rense. The entire transcript of this conversation is below.

This segment is located approx. 30 minutes into the first hour of the July 22, 1998 program.

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Jeff Rense - Sightings on the Radio July 22, 1998
Time is approximately 32 minutes into the first hour
Guest Michael Lindemann is discussing newspaper article

ML: Ah...ok...ah...Wanted to mention a rather odd item that came my way and this is a little bit out of the old dusty files but, I hadn't heard of this one before and I wondered if maybe you have. This is sent to me um...by ah...ah,ah,ah..via The Springfield Missouri News Leader. That is the newspaper in Springfield Missouri, I've got a lot of friends in Springfield Missouri, I don't know if any of them are listening tonight but, somebody sends me via fax an editorial dated the 20th of July, just a couple of days ago, and what ah...the ah..ah..the columnist here, Mike O'Brien in the News-Leader is talking about is a really strange piece of metal, obstensibly from a UFO. This is metal that is in the hands of a 67-year old retired mu...musician named Bob White, Have you heard this story Jeff?

JR: yeah

ML: You have heard this story...

JR: Yeah, but go ahead please.

ML: Well, it's an interesting one because...I...I must confess I had not heard this one before and so it was se..sent to me. And apparently what happened is that ah, about 15 years ago Bob White was out here in Colorado, and had a very close encounter with a UFO. Now that in itself is not very unusual, we have a lot of activity here in Colorado but, out of the UFO came a piece of very strange metal. He recovered the metal, he has had the metal, the metal is strange in at least 2 different ways, first of all because it is composed of a wide variety of rather unusual elements, and second of all because it's very strangely shaped and seemingly very strangely tooled. It is about 1 pound in weight, it's about 8 inches long, and it's more or less in the shape of narrow cone, about two and a half inches on the wide end, and almost to a tip on the other end, but it has a very, very, unusual kind of tooling, and he has had this evaluated by people who do tooling, who do...you know... very ornate tooling on hard metal such as this is, and he has been told over and over again, this would be so hard to do, we can't imagine who would do it or why. And ah...Mike O'Brien the columnist says..yes I've looked at this, I've held it in my hands, I have talked to the scientists and other people, the metallurgists, who have tested this piece of metal, and they don't know what to make of it, no one knows what to make of it..um...this includes, this (laughing) piece of, this object, whatever it is...ah...

JR: umhmm

ML: It includes a..a couple of..of metals Jeff I personally haven't even heard of myself. It is composed primarily of Aluminum and Iron, which is a unusual combination to begin with, but also contains Europium, which I have heard of but, boy thats a weird thing to find in anything.

JR: Well its got some Lindeminium to it doesn't it?

ML: and..and...and...something called ah...ah...I'm gonna...

JR: Lindeminium

ML: Lute...it's Lutetium...lutetium?

JR: Oh...I thought it was Lindeminium, I was making a humorous...

ML: Not Lindeminium...(Laughing) Thank you Jeff...Linde...Lindeminniumumm

JR: It's hard to say.

ML: But I've never heard of this stuff have you ever heard of this?

JR: No..no its..that...I need...we...I don't know if it's on the periodic chart or not, I can't quite figure that one out.

ML: I can't either and, ah...but anyway it has been tested according to this columnist at New Mexico Tech. Now by the way, this columnist has no axe to grind one way or the other about UFOs. But I must say...I'm..I'm hoping to follow this up because I have never heard of Bob White and I have never heard of this particular incident, but this...you know...this story out of the straight press..

JR: Yeah, that's another good one...

ML: That's a weird one.

JR: There are...There are more as Michael and I said, God, a couple of years ago I guess Mike...the ah...things are weird and they are getting weirder

ML: Things are weird and getting weirder, that's right.

JR: Be right back with Michael Lindemann in a couple of moments.


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