Ongoing Analysis

This page will keep you up to date on our 3 year, in-depth, scientific analysis.

In the early spring of 1999, Hard Evidence was contacted by a major lab in California, interested in testing the Unknown Object beyond the limited scope pursued by Los Alamos, New Mexico Tech, and others.

We are very happy to announce that this analysis is ongoing. Upon it's completion, we will share not only the data, but the name of this world class facility. Updates on additional analysis from Canada will also be posted here.

Analysis Update 12/15/99

Scanning Electron Microscope Photos added.

Scanning Electron Microscope Photos Sample at Mag 11.00 x
Scanning Electron Microscope Photos Sample at Mag 50.00 x
Scanning Electron Microscope Photos Sample at Mag 150.00 x
Scanning Electron Microscope Photos Sample at Mag 400.00 x
Scanning Electron Microscope Photos Sample at Mag 500.00 x
Scanning Electron Microscope Photos Sample at Mag 5000.00 x

Analysis Update 12/02/99

California analysis ongoing - elemental composition from this analysis so far includes: Aluminum, Silicon, Chromium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Nickel, Vanadium, Zinc, Barium, Titanium, Cobalt, Calcium, Strontium, Zirconium, Gadolinium
Stills from Los Alamos Analysis Video Added Below Los Alamos National Labs 9-24-96

Release of Canadian Analysis doubtful after $1,000,000 reward was withdrawn by the Flying Saucer Restaurant. We believe after consulting with our sources, that an analysis will not be forthcoming.

Analysis Update 7/20/99

Waiting on release of Canadian analysis.

California analysis ongoing.

Analysis Update 5/22/99

Element Strontium, overlooked by Los Alamos and New Mexico Tech, found! Read a description of this strange element from a Los Alamos Periodic Table.

What did Los Alamos have to say about these inclusions?

Below is an excerpt from the Los Alamos Report.

Until this time, SEM photographs were not available to us for exhibition. The National Lab at Los Alamos, and the National Institute for Discovery Science supplied Bob with only photo-copied versions of their reports. SEM images were not discernible in any of the poor quality documents given to Bob. We are appreciative of the proper scientific inquiry, and protocols exhibited by the major lab currently attempting to identify the Unknown Object.


Urgent Correction
At this time, all elements in the unknown object have been identified, and $200,000 was not spent on analysis. This is being misreported like facts in past reports.

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