Open Letter to the Mutual UFO Network

My name is Bob White and I want to thank you for showing an interest in my unknown object. It is nice to know that a world renown organization like yours is not too busy to help an unheard-of person like myself. With the help of people within your organization, I was able to get an analysis from New Mexico Tech, paid for by the National Institute for Discovery Science. I also have an analysis from Los Alamos, paid for by Unsolved Mysteries. These are things I could never afford.

However, I would be remiss if I did not call to your attention one of your investigators who is misrepresenting me and the unknown object in my possession. I am going on the record as categorically denying his claims:

  • The unknown object did not come from two UFO's having a dog fight.
  • One of the UFO's was not shot down.
  • My unknown object does not shoot laser beams.
  • I am not hiding from the government.


Right now I am compiling the last of scientific evidence, which will be available soon. I have taken, and passed, a lie detector test by one of the most respected polygraph operators in the state of Missouri.

As of this writing, with what I witnessed and conflicting analysis, I do believe I could have Extraterrestrial Material.


Robert White

Read The Polygraph Results


Urgent Correction
At this time, all elements in the unknown object have been identified, and $200,000 was not spent on analysis. This is being misreported like facts in past reports.

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