The Hidden Truth About UFOs? - Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Type 2 - Advanced Military Craft Built by Modern Humans

The Great UFO Hoax Begins

Manufacturing Fear of Aliens

Fear is the most powerful form of mass persuasion and fear of aliens has been carefully cultivated in popular media for more than 100 years, starting in 1898 when H.G. Wells' book "War of the Worlds" about an alien invasion of Earth was published. Wells was a proponent of a totalitarian world government and eugenics and many of his writings have turned out to be quite prophetic, indicating that he had 'insider' information or was adept at viewing the future.

Forty years after Wells first conjured up fear of aliens, on Sunday, October 30, 1938, millions of American radio listeners were victims of a hoax by Orson Welles' radio adaptation of H.G. Well's book "War of the Worlds" . Many listeners believed that the radio program was real and panicked, thinking that the Earth was indeed being invaded by hostile aliens. Given that Orson Wells was an elite insider it is quite likely that Orson's stunt was orchestrated as part of a long-term program of disinformation and social engineering.

Staged Sightings?

When the U.S. came into possession of German flying saucers and other advanced technology in the 40's it took a great leap ahead in technology and of course wanted to keep that technology a secret. Better that the world think that its new flying saucers and flying wings were alien ships from another world than secret military technology. So, the U.S. military set about developing a massive psychological operation that remains one of the most elaborate hoaxes in modern history.

On June 24th, Tuesday, 1947 the psy-op was put into high gear with the reported sighting of unidentified aircraft (UFOs) by pilot Kenneth Arnold while he was flying near Mt. Rainier, Washington. There had been other sightings prior to that time but this was the first case that was widely reported by the media and it is this story which is credited for starting the UFO craze in North America. It is likely that what Arnold saw was not US craft but German flying wings from an Arctic or Canadian base.

Kenneth Arnold described 9 craft which flew in a "saucer-like fashion". The media chose to describe the craft as "flying saucers from outer space" despite the insistence by Arnold that they were not saucer shaped at all. An artist's rendering shows a craft not much different than Germany's secret Horton flying wing air craft.

Kenneth Arnold holding an artist's rendering of the UFOs he saw in 1947 Kenneth Arnold holding an artist's rendering of the UFOs he saw in 1947

Replica of captured German Horton H229 on display at Grumman-Northrop Areospace Replica of captured German Horton H229 on display at Grumman-Northrop Areospace

German flying wing built by Reimar and Walter Horten in 1938 - 1942 German flying wing built by Reimar and Walter Horten in 1938 - 1942

Grumman-Northrop B2 Spirit Grumman-Northrop B2 Spirit

The Truth About Nazi UFO Technology

By making people think that the craft were alien technology instead of German, the U.S. military was able to conceal the existence of highly advanced craft built in partnership with Nazi scientists working for the U.S. military and areospace companies. At the time, the U.S. was in an arms race with the Russians with their own Nazi scientists and so needed an effective cover story when the American controlled craft were sighted.

To grasp what was really going at that point in history it is important to understand what the Nazis really were and the fact that they were not actually defeated during WW II. It was the German military and government that was defeated and surrendered, while most of the key Nazi leadership simply relocated to South America and possibly Antarctica. Prior to the surrender hundreds of corporations were established which were used to launder vast sums acquired during the war and to continue to finance the Nazi agenda.

Thousands of Nazi scientists were absorbed into the U.S. military industrial complex under Operation Paperclip where they continued their research and development. Other scientists were sent to Russia where they transferred their knowledge to Russian scientists. Unlike the U.S., Russia didn't trust the Nazis and sent most of its Nazi scientists back to Germany or to the Gulag after their knowledge was transferred to Russians.

The human world has long been dominated by wealthy families deeply immersed in the occult. I choose to call them the 'evil elite'. These families have access to knowledge which has been passed down for possibly thousands of years or longer. They continually seek knowledge to preserve and further their own power. Knowledge of ancient flying craft was certainly passed down to the evil elite.

The Nazi party was merely one expression of the ruling evil elite which has dominated human history. The Nazi party and World War II was a deliberate program to develop highly advanced technology which could not have been developed without a totalitarian regime and vast amounts of slave labor. Stalinist Russia was another cover for a massive expansion of technology and resulted in the enslavement and death of millions of Russian citizens and the development of highly advanced weapons and other technology.

It is reported that Germany first started developing flying 'saucers' in the 20's. By the late 1930s flying wings and saucers were being flown successfully in Germany.

Some historians claim that Germans used information 'channeled' from beings who claimed to be from the planet Aldebran. Given Germany's extremely rapid technology development it is highly probable that they were being fed information from someplace.

The Nazi movement in Germany was initially financed from industrialists in the US and Britain with deep occult backgrounds. Hitler simply could not have gained power without the support of the evil elite in the US and Britain and the Catholic Church.

Occultists in Germany within the Vril Society and other organizations were the driving force behind the development of flying saucers and other highly advanced aircraft. Because the Nazi movement was part of an international program of the evil elite its success was assured until the desired achievements had been reached. Once the technological milestones had been reached, Germany's defeat was engineered and the transfer out of financial, technological and human resources began.

The Great UFO Disinformation Complex

In order to keep its technological achievements secret, the evil elite has created a massive program that includes mass media, UFO researchers and a mass abduction and mind control program. An essential aspect of the program is mind control and social engineering technology. To date, this program has been highly effective. An elaborate mythology has been created while the truth is kept at the far fringes of human awareness.

Organizations like The National UFO Reporting Center have never been more than a black-hole where actual sightings disappear and bogus sightings appear - just as MUFON is primarily a govt. intelligence operation to gather information and identify real abductees so it can abduct them to pump their brains and program them to gather info. for the military. Virtually every UFO 'reporting center' is operated by the military to gather information about potential sightings of non-American craft and control information about the sightings it wants kept quiet.

One UFO researcher from Texas is a master hypnotist who can actually hypnotize people telepathically and is reported to molest the women he claims to help while they are under hypnosis. His mission is to identify people who are either having real alien abduction experiences or are being abducted by rival intelligence agencies.

In the early days of the Internet the first online UFO forums and abductee support groups were run by the military as intelligence gathering and social engineers programs. One of the most popular ones was the "Encounters Forum" until it was exposed for what it was. The person who exposed the operation was harassed for years by the military and subjected to electronic attacks, had their credit trashed, insurance cancelled and eventually had to leave the country to survive.

Most all radio and TV programs, books and web sites which cover the UFO field have never been more than disinformation programs. Only a very small percentage of the information they put out has any validity. TV and radio programs avoid covering most of the real issues and their guests include those who are either disinformation specialists or approved because they are under the 'control' of the military. Truly independent researchers are simply not allowed access to mass media except their own web sites, Public Access TV or maybe YouTube on occasion.

Virtually every prominent UFO researcher is under the control of the powers that be. Any real investigator who persists in publishing unauthorized information is usually abducted, tortured and subjected to mind control. Those that don't accept the control are eliminated.

UFO Conferences are almost always put on by those with connections to the military or controlled by them to perpetuate the UFO - alien mythology by their stable of UFO 'researchers' and to identify possible authentic experiencers.

If you have unexplained experiences do NOT let anyone at a conference know about it or talk about it at a conference. If you do then you can expect to have a bad 'abduction' experience and will be exposed to highly effective mind control.

Men such as the un-named individual at the right are present at UFO conferences to ensure that the truth about UFOs is known only to the military. The image was blurred after the Author was threatened by the military.

Do NOT trust anyone in the UFO community if you want to avoid being abducted, tortured and mind controlled by the military.

Abudctions & Hypno-Therapists

One of the first 'alien' abductions that was widely reported in the media was the case of Betty and Barney Hill. However, what was not widely reported is that they both remember the ship they were taken in was commanded by a "leader as looking like a "German Nazi" wearing a shiny black jacket, scarf and cap".

Betty and Barney Hill

While there are 'abductions' from actual aliens, most abductions are actually done by the military (MILAB). Sophisticated mind control techniques are used to make the abductees believe that they were abducted by aliens. Military abductions are done for the purpose of creating fear of aliens and to create unwitting spies who gather information about actual aliens.

One way to tell a military abduction from an actual alien abduction is to check for for injection holes behind the ear. Until recently, most govt. abductions involved the injection of drugs using an injection gun behind and below the right or left ear. Aliens (intraterrestrials) have more sophisticated technology and don't need to inject anything.

A retired Colonel in the US Army Special Forces told me in confidence that when his team went on certain missions they were accompanied by a flying saucer and were told to simply ignore it. At the time he was under close surveillance by military intelligence and would only talk to me in what he considered a safe location. Apparently it wasn't safe enough because he vanished not long after he confided in me.

Many military abductees are programmed to seek out specific hypno-therapists if their memories start to erode and there is a chance that the truth might leak out. When I was abducted by the military I was programmed to seek out a certain hypno therapist operating near Pasadena, California. While attending support group meetings there I met a number of other military 'alien' abductees who had also been programmed to seek out the same therapist.

Most every person who runs an abductee hypnosis-support group racket is working for the military, whether they know it or not. Some of these people are extremely dangerous and use subtle mind control techniques while conducting their hypnotic regression session. They can easily influence the abductee's memories and reinforce the mind control mechanisms.

One well-known hypnotherapist in the Los Angeles area was seen in the company of the military at some of her client's abductions. It is likely that she was also a mind control victim and didn't remember any of her encounters with the military.

Military UFO Bases

There are numerous underground military bases in North America and other parts of the world which contain highly advanced human technology - including flying saucers, genetically engineered humans (Lebensborn, super-soldiers, cyber-clones) and genetically engineered 'aliens'. Most of the bases in the U.S. are connected by tunnels in which high-speed pneumatic mag-lev? trains operate.

The surveillance, cloaking and defensive technology used at these facilities is beyond the comprehension of most people. Simply getting near them will ensure that you are abducted, tortured and programmed so there is no point in trying to get close enough to such a facility to see anything.


Southern California is honey-combed with underground facilities used by the military and war industry. Many of the unconventional air craft commonly described as UFOs were designed and built in underground plants near Palmdale and Lancaster close to Edwards Air Force Base. As a result, this area has been a hotspot for UFO sightings for decades. Reptilians have been seen walking around this area.

Electro-Magnetic Testing Facility west of Rosamond, California Electro-Magnetic Testing Facility west of Rosamond, California © Google

One of the most important facilities used to be the one near Tejon Ranch north of Los Angeles run by Northrop Grumman which is part of the massive Tehachapi facility that extends all the way north to the Bakersfield area. Residents in the farming community of Arvin (near Bakersfield) have long seen UFOs flying out of the side of the nearby mountains.

During the 90's many people who worked in the Los Angeles TV and film industries were abducted and taken to the Tehachapi facility for mind-control programming. I met several Fox TV employees that reported being taken there. X-Files co-producer Frank Spotnitz has admitted that he doesn't really know where the X-Files stories he helped write came from. The stories were likely programmed into his mind at the Tehachapi facility.

It is possible that some functions of the Tehachapi mind control facility have been replaced by one under Los Angeles itself. The construction of the Los Angeles subway provided a great cover for excavation of additional underground facilities and military insiders have confirmed that there are secret military facilities under L.A..

The TV series "Dollhouse" was intended to mask the existence of such facilities by creating a stronger data-point than the actual facilities. So, when someone thinks about underground mind-control facilities they think of the TV show, not the actual facilities. Many other TV programs and movies are designed specificially to mask classified projects.

In recent years it is also likely that abductions and hands-on mind control techniques have been replaced by more subtle remote mind control using psychic remote influencing and psychotronics (radionics) technology. A number of former abductees report experiences of their dreams being influenced or given to them and some even experience having their mind teleported into some kind of virtual reality. More recently, activists have reported having their soul sucked out of their body and transplanted into a prisoner at a govt. facility.

Mind control technology is now at a level well beyond the comprehension of most people.


One of the most effective ways to control secret information is to leak a fictionalized version of it out to the public and then make a poor attempt to discredit the information. One of the places which has been the focus of the most deliberately leaked information is Area 51 in Nevada.

Area 51 is one part of the massive Nevada Test Site where the U.S. did open-air and below ground testing of nuclear weapons. The Nevada Test Site is one of the largest and most secure military facilities in the world and continues to host classified research into highly advanced technology, including aircraft. The Test Site officially includes Area 1 through Area 30. There are various Areas such as Area 51 that remain classified and don't officially exist.

If one wanted to hide something super secret such as alien or highly advanced Nazi technology, the best place would be the Nevada Test Site.

Military insiders claim that no 'alien' technology is visible on the surface at Area 51 and people like Bob Lazar are merely spreading disinformation to perpetuate the UFO/alien hoax. However, there are likely some elements of truth about aliens and alien technology being held at some part of the Nevada Test Site.

In the early 1980's, when I was working in Northern Nevada and long before I had ever heard of Area 51 or had a serious interest in UFOs, I received a telepathic plea for help from a 'grey' alien. I felt compelled to drive into the desert to a location which I later found to be the Nevada Test Site. I ignored the pleas for help as being too bizarre and so didn't attempt to rescue the being.

Fallon Naval Air Station is another spot that is reported to house unconventional aircraft. People who have tried to get too close to Fallon have been abducted and subjected to mind control, just as depicted by an X-Files episode. This type of response to potential intruders is usually reserved only for the most sensitive facilities.


Dugway Proving Grounds - Substantial underground facilities exist at Dugway Proving Ground west of Salt Lake City next to the Nevada border. The facility has security approaching the highest levels reserved only for those bases with nuclear or highly advanced technology. On the southeast corner of the base there used to be a place where you could climb up on a hill just outside the perimeter fence and look down into the base with a telescope. When I did so back in the late 90's I was immediately detected and a black Jeep Cherokee was dispatched to the fence to video tape me. Since then, the military has taken over the public land and it is no longer possible to look down into the facility from a hill-top.

Cache Valley, Roosevelt - Home to the Skin Walker Ranch and frequent sightings of UFOs and strange creatures. The Ranch was purchased by Bigelow Foundation and the anomalies on it studied by NIDS (National Institute of Discovery Science). NIDS was shut down in 2004.

The anomalies in this area may be due to interdimensional activity or interterrestrials (non-humans living under ground) or military activity. The published information about the Ranch is suspect due to the funding sources and involvement of known disinformation specialists in the project.

Green River - Contrary to the Defense Dept. disinformation rag Popular Mechanics, and other disinformation media, there is no Area 51 in eastern Utah at the old White Sands missle base in Greenriver. The facility is mothballed and portions used for storage by the town of Greenriver. However, one building reportedly contains access to underground facilities and is kept secured.

New Area 51 The new Area 51 according to Popular Mechanics & the Discovery Channel

A very large 'mother' ship is seen often near the Green River area east to Grand Junction, Coloardo. It has been seen emitting and taking in glowing orange spheres which fly into the surrounding cliffs and mountains. The ship is seen most often in the autumn and seems to be some sort of transport craft that operates on a regular schedule.

La Sal Mountains (Moab) - This is the most likely spot for an actual alien/ancient earthling base and is reported by military insiders to be a joint human-alien base and the source of the tall blonds I encountered. A large part of the mountains are on private land and there are Sasquatch (Bigfoot) sentries and microwave weapons deployed at the base of the mountains. It would be best to visit this area only from the west and stay on public property.


Besides California and New Mexico, Colorado probably has the highest concentration of sensitive underground military activity and advanced technology.

In eastern Colorado there is likely an underground base that extends from Denver all the way south into New Mexico. Genetically engineered 'reptilians' from the base have been seen several times near the Black Forest northeast of Colorado Springs. Cattle mutiliations have been going on in the region since the mid 70's as part of an illegal bio-weapons program reported to operate out of Dulce, NM and Fort Carson, CO.

There may have been a supply entrance to underground tunnels located at 34501 East Quincy Avenue southeast of Denver on land formerly owned by the Air Force and owned by Autoliv in the 90's. After this author first exposed the facility it was shut down and the underground portions sealed. It has been renamed "Vista Ridge Business Center".

Former supply entrance to secret underground railroad southeast of Denver, Colorado? Former supply entrance to secret underground railroad southeast of Denver, Colorado?

This facility was believed to connect to the pneumatic robotic subway linked to various underground facilities when it was owned by OEA Aerospace. The underground portion was built in the late 70s when the property was still part of Lowry Air Force bombing range and former Titan missle bases located nearby. Local residents tell how cement trucks were lined up 24 hours/day for weeks as massive amounts of concrete was poured underground. Some of the original tunneling equipment was still visible up until the mid 90s.

Southeast and Northeast of the former Autoliv facility there were old Titan nuclear missle silos which were active in the 60's and 70's but are now deactivated and on private property. When an attempt was made to visit the mothballed missle base near Quincy Road back in the 80's, a sheriff appeared within minutes to arrest those who had crossed the fence that wasn't posted with no-trespassing signs. Another old missle base is west of the tiny town of Elbert - a hot-spot for cattle mutilations and UFO sightings.

Northwest of the Quincy Avenue facility is the mysterious Buckley Air Force base. For 40 years the base operated as the Buckley Air National Guard while secretly supporting secret space operations. In 2000 it was officially transferred to the Air Force's Space Command and now supports 92,000 personnel. Buckley is unique in that 77different military organizations have facilities of some sort on the base.

Official Military Patch from 1999

The base has long conducted satellite operations and is a major center for the massive and highly secret 'Star Wars' program started by Ronald Reagan. Some people feel that America's real space program is commanded from Buckley & other facilities while NASA is primarly just a decoy program. It is no coincidence that most all of the companies involved in 'Star Wars' weapons research and development established facilities between Ft. Carson and Buckley.

Ft. Carson is also another likely place for military UFOs and a possible source for cattle mutiliations. Cattle mutilations have been concentrated Northeast, South and Southwest of Ft. Carson. UFOs are frequently seen in the area.


Eglin Air Force Base - Headquarters for exotic weapons and technology and black ops in the Caribbean and Latin America. Unconventional craft are warehoused here. The base appears to also be a center for occult activity and is one reason why large numbers of retired military intelligence officers and other loyal govt. employees retire in the area and join the local Masonic Lodge.

Eglin is close to Gulfbreeze where the military ran a substantial UFO/abduction psy-op.

New Mexico

New Mexico has been headquarters for some of the most secret military activity since the early 40s. Most of the activity centers around Cannon Air Force Base, Holloman Air Force Base - White Sands Missile Range, Kirtland Air Force Base and Los Alamos Research Labs and their underground facilities near Dulce. There are also underground facility outside military bases such as the one on the west side of Socorro where exotic weapons have been tested. Kirtland also seems to be a major source for the whole UFO disinformation program.

Phillips Lab at Kirtland supports the Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy and Space Vehicles Directorates. It may be the source for some of the electronic weapons, psychic spying - remote influencing and mind control technology used on abductees. Remote influencers have been traced to the Manzano facility at Kirtland where they work in an environment similar to the one depicted for the "pre-cogs" in the movie "Minority Report".

Dulce - There appears to be a substantial underground facility near Dulce that goes very deep and covers a wide area. Archuleta Mesa appears to be some kind of energetic portal for the facility.

The facility was primarily alien operated until the 60's when the upper levels were taken over by deep black aspects of the US military. While there are 3 hidden surface entrances, access is currently by underground tunnel from Los Alamos. Another deep tunnel connects to facilities to the west and north.

Most of what has been published about Dulce has been disinformation. One exception is the recent ebook "UFO Highway" by Anthony Sanchez which does contain some important truths but which also has a lot of disinformation in it.

Somewhere in northern New Mexico or Southern Colorado is an underground bio-weapons lab. It is here that the hanta-virus was created and the depopulation virus was engineered.

Confessions of Military Insiders

A number of former military personnel and civilan scientists working for the military and war industry have told similar stories about the US advancing German techonology and developing highly advanced craft capable of interplanetary travel. Some even claim that the US started visiting the Moon and Mars starting in the 1950's. Unfortunately, most any military employee with access to highly classified and sensitive information is likely to be subjected to some form of mind control and therefore can't really be trusted to tell the truth. So, one must look for other sources of information for confirmation of the insiders's stories.

Obvious Conclusions

When one considers the facts it is pretty easy to come to the conclusion that secret military programs have developed highly advanced craft and that the craft are used in staged 'alien' abductions. However, it also becomes apparent that there are craft which may not be advanced human military technology and that not all abductions are staged by the military. In our next part we will explore Type 3 UFOs - craft from other dimensions, times or planets.

For revelations about UFOs and aliens from a military insider who was formerly the base engineer for Area 51 watch the interview with Dr. Gilbert Jordan at Be sure to check out the new book on the Dulce facility by Anthony Sanchez at

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At this time, all elements in the unknown object have been identified, and $200,000 was not spent on analysis. This is being misreported like facts in past reports.

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