Radio Loses a Voice for Truth

The Hard Evidence Team was saddened to hear of the passing of John Decleux. John's work at AM 560 KWTO in Springfield, MO, was always a treat to listen to for us here at Hard Evidence, as we are all regular listeners of John and Bonnie Bell's Morning Line program. We wish to offer our condolences, and pay tribute to a gentleman we enjoyed listening to, and had the great pleasure of working with.

Here are a few of Bob's thoughts about John Decleux:

Although our personal acquaintance with John was short, we found him to be a person of high moral character, integrity, ethical, and honest. It showed in his broadcast with Bonnie, and in his opinions. Though we didn't always agree with his opinion, he had to be respected for his forthrightness.

Where some people scoffed at my experience, John examined every piece of material thoroughly. His journalistic background led him to further investigate the Sworn Statement, and Polygraph, which indicated the truth. However, John was not satisfied with just these facts. He had to see it with his eyes, hold it in his hands, and perform a few basic experiments of his own. He left nothing to the imagination.

He would not have me on the show as a guest, until he was completely satisfied with the authenticity of my claims. He also insisted that I bring the object into the studio with me, so that "The Big Guy" and anyone else associated with KWTO could examine it. After much coaxing, John even persuaded Bonnie to touch the object.

John will certainly be missed by the entire radio listening audience. Our prayers and condolences go out to Mrs. Decleux and family.

"The Big Guy" certainly has some mighty big shoes to fill.

With all my Respect,
Bob White


Urgent Correction
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